PT. Berlindo Mitra Utama
  • Experience

    When we opened our doors in 2005 , specializes in the design, construction, and make of a wide range of metalworking tools made customer satisfaction our number one priority. This dedication to service is evident in everything we do.

  • Value

    With our Experience, Our Product is backed by our guarantee of satisfaction, and we consider it our mission to provide the highest level of service and support to our customers

  • Technology

    Berlindo Mitra Utama is recognized as a company with state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsman. In partnership with our customers, we provide solutions in manufacturing operations and tooling needs. With our high-tech design capabilities, we can design your dies with speed and accuracy and our engineering staff designs to your requirements.

  • Quality

    Quality and quality control are the foundations of Berlindo, and the reason for strong repeat customer business and continuing referrals. Berlindo Mitra Utama has a comprehensive quality control program, utilizing modern testing and inspection equipment. With scheduling and closely tracking your product development, we work with you in meeting production deadlines as well as critical specifications.

  • Innovation

    Is the vital component for the development of Berlindo. New ideas and inventions give technological strengths towards continuous research & development which allows ability to consistently provide a complete range of tooling, machinery and accessories for various industries.

What About

PT BERLINDO MITRA UTAMA specializes in the design, construction, and make of a wide range of metalworking tools. Whether your tool and die or metal stamping needs require progressive dies, draw dies or single tooling. We have the experience and equipment necessary to meet your tooling needs. From CAD design by our engineering staff to delivery of a critical tooling requirement, we are ready to provide complete tooling service.

Why We Exist

We always up date new technologies that have helped us to produce the high quality tooling pictured on this site. However, the skills of our many fine employees and tools maker remains our most valuable asset. We look forward to the opportunity of quoting on your tooling and metal stamping needs. We pledge to you competitive and fair prices for all tooling and manufacturing services rendered and honesty in all areas of our business transactions.

Why Choose Us

Providing solutions to your specialized needs is our everyday commitment. We strive to ensure your confidence and satisfaction in our workmanship. Communication is the key. Our progressive-minded engineers will work directly with you. Our team's personal attention and reliable project management builds a crucial relationship that will have a positive impact on your company's bottom-line.